September 16, 2012

Yesterday was SFD but I couldn’t attend cos I had to do some work 😦 . My folks from the Ashanti Linux Users Group (ALUG) were there at the Kofi-Annan Centre for Excellence -Advanced Information Technology Institute where this year’s celebration was held. It was organised by the Linux Accra User Group (LAUG). I hear it was awesome but unfortunately……. I guess I have to make sure I don’t miss the next one.



October 9, 2010

Hello everyone!

I remember when i was Ghana Telecom University College, my pal Nana and I had a dream. The dream was to set up a Linux User GroupΒ  in GTUC but unfortunately, i had to leave be the dream manifested. But I happen to find myself having this dream again another friend, Laud, and with Odzangba‘s help, this dream is just about to come trough. Actually, Laud and I made our first presentation today to the members of INFOTESS (Information Technology Students’ Society) of the Universityof Education, Winneba – Kumasi Campus (UEW-K). At the end of the day, we captured the attention of all and psyched them up a little bit. We have already had lots of requests for the Ubuntu installation CD which i will have to download during the week before our next meeting on Saturday. Hope at the end of the next meeting, we will start preparation towards forming a Linux User Group on campus.

Running QBASIC in Ubuntu10.4

September 15, 2010

I have found myself in an institution that only uses Windows products for its classes. Most of them i could handle with their Linux alternatives but i had a little
problem with BASIC. I was faced with two choices at first, to install Wine for BASIC or install VirtualBox where i can virtually run Windows. Then i talked to Odzangba, who adviced i get an open-source IDE for BASIC. I took the idea but first, i googled my predicament i found out that i could use dosbox, which emulates the old DOS environment, to run BASIC and it works marvellous. This is how i managed it;

  • In the terminal, i run “sudo aptitude install dosbox“. This installed dosbox on on my Ubuntu machine.
  • Next i opened my home directory, right-click the olddos.exe file. Extracted it into a folder, I later renamed it QBasic.

I was ready to start writting my BASIC Codes, i just had to type dosbox in the terminal to run the emulator.

To run basic, i had to mount the folder as drive C: in the emulator. To do this i typed the following, again, in the terminal in order.

mount c /home/machel/BASIC/



remember to replace machel in /home/machel/BASIC to your username. Now, coding begins.

  • But soon, i got tired of typing the last set of commands everytime i wanted to run BASIC, so i went back online i found out that i could edit the dosbox conf file to suit me. So, in the terminal, i typed “sudo nano /home/machel/.dosbox/dosbox-0.73.conf“. At the end of the file, i added the following lines;

“mount c /home/machel/BASIC/

Now, all i have to type in the terminal is dosbox and voila, Basic also loaded for me. Isn’t that so sweeeeeeeeeeet!

sorry, i have to go, its time to code in BASIC. πŸ˜‰

My desktop

April 28, 2009

Hi, i just love using Ubuntu especially when i get compiz-fusion to work. I looks way better than Ms Windows. I have three Linux -virgins waiting for me to teach them how to use linux (Ubuntu) because they prefer the look of my customized Ubuntu better that what they can get in Windows. just check out my desktop……

Fonts- Ubuntu

April 28, 2009

Since i upgraded my Ubuntu to 8.4 and then 8.10, i have been having trouble installing my Windows fonts in ubuntu. i do some design work every now and then. i search for a solution for a very long time. what i normally do is copy the fonts and paste them in the .fonts folder in my home directory. but with these versions (8.04 adn 8.10) i could not find the .fonts folder. i had to install fontypython to get the .fonts folder to be created. 😦

then a couple of weeks ago, i just tried something different. I copied my fonts folder from Windows into my home directory in Ubuntu. Then i changed the file name to .fonts and it worked πŸ˜€ . hipeey! now i get to use any Windows font i want in Ubuntu.


July 29, 2008

Hello, ubuntu is on the move. One reason i have not moved completely to linux is printing. I was not able to configure my printer and scanner in linux. But thanx to Hardy Heron… my box automatically detected my muti-purpose printer and scanner (HP MF1005). Now i can scan using Xsane and print out my documents in linux πŸ™‚

My only headache is i really need an alternative for photoshop cs and corel draw x3 or get them to install in linux. I ll be gratefull if anyone helps me out. Chao

Hello again

February 3, 2008

I haven’t been around for some time…

well i just uploaded a web page for a travel and tour company in Ghana and you can get to it through http://www.safelink.110mb.com . It is a very good company. Try and check it out πŸ™‚